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Sword of Healing

Sword of Healing

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Crystal swords can be used to release energetic ties, through a practice called “cord cutting”. Cords are created through thoughts, emotions, or overstepped boundaries, and sometimes we pick up energetic bonds with others that do not serve our highest good. Cutting the cord helps us to cleanse ourselves of the unnecessary energy we pick up on, so our spiritual bodies remain protected. 

AFFIRMATION "I bask in love and light, rather than pain and darkness"

GREEN CALCITE - No matter what dark energy you’re harbouring inside, this stone helps you to let go and move on


  1. Cleanse your space.
  2. Close your eyes and determine where you feel the unwanted energy.
  3. Visualise yourself pulling that energy out of you with your hands.
  4. Use the crystal sword to cut the energy cord.
  5. Replace the energy cord with love, light, and positive thoughts.
  6. Take some time to reflect, forgive and appreciate what you’ve learned.

 Enjoy xx

••You will receive ONE Sword of Healing from the ones pictured here, intuitively chosen for you••

Selenite Sword
Green Calcite Crystal
100% Hemp Thread

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