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Protection Herbal Wand

Protection Herbal Wand

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Use your Protection herbal wand to shield against bad luck and negative energy. Also, use for times when you are feeling lost, afraid and when somebody else's negative energy is infecting your life.

AFFIRMATION "I am grounded, I am safe, I am divinely protected at all times."

Hand wrapped herbal wand of mugwort, and dried flowers, infused with the crystal energy of Black Tourmaline for powerful intention setting. A powerful addition to your daily rituals.

BLACK TOURMALINE - Powerful protection and grounding stone. Thought to strengthen the body and spirit and keeps negativity and bad luck away. Black tourmaline exposes your fake pals and repels all their shady vibes.

••You will receive ONE herbal wand from the ones pictured here, intuitively chosen for you••

Black Tourmaline Crystal
100% Cotton thread

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