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Home Cleanse Ritual Kit

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This Ritual Kit is a lovely house warming gift. Use the Home Cleanse herbal wand when you want clear your home of negative energy. This will renew and restore the positive energy of your living space. 

AFFIRMATION "I cleanse my home of any stagnant and negative energy."

Hand wrapped herbal wand of mugwort, and dried flowers, infused with the crystal energy of Obsidian, Citrine and Rose Quartz for powerful intention setting. A powerful addition to your daily rituals.

OBSIDIAN ARROWHEAD - Protects against negative energy - Place under your doormat.
CITIRNE - Attracts prosperity - Place in the farthest left corner of your house.
ROSE QUARTZ - Promotes a peaceful and harmonious environment - Place in a high traffic area.

••You will receive ONE Ritual Kit from the ones pictured here, intuitively chosen for you••


Ritual Kit includes:
Home Cleanse Herbal Wand 

Obsidian Arrowhead Crystal
Citrine Crystal
Rose Quartz Crystal
Abalone Shell

Direction Card
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